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Karin Hazé

Karin Hazé, Cinema Feast

KARIN HAZÉ, filmmaker, curator, activist, and educator based in Montreal, specializes in ephemeral projection interventions and the production of independent films using smartphones. With over two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, she boldly amplifies the voices of marginalized communities through her work. As a versatile film programmer, she advocates for original and radical LGBTQ+ perspectives. Karin even holds a Guinness World Record for watching the longest silent film in the world.

One of her early works, "Cercles," was part of the One Minutes film movement, receiving global recognition for its exploration of the intersectionality of sexuality, race, and the passage of time. Karin has initiated and managed several international film festivals dedicated to marginalized communities. More recently, she founded the nonprofit media art organization, 75 SHOTS Pocket Cinema, catering to queer individuals from the global south. This initiative showcases her persistent commitment to freedom of expression and to highlighting the brilliance of underrepresentation often overshadowed by capitalist gatekeepers and Western frameworks.




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