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Karin Hazé

Karin Hazé, Cinema Feast

As a teenager,  Karin Hazé set a Guinness World Record for watching the longest silent film in the world, by Gérard Courrant, Les Cinématons.   She graduated from Concordia University in Film Studies & Film Production with a minor in Photography, and at Parson's University, in multi-media computer graphics. She was a dj and promoter at the legendary, Sticky Mike's Frog Café in NYC. Amongst the 13 films she has  produced, Cercles , toured around the world in 30 bienales and was awarded & selected to represent Canada in the One Minutes Film Movement in the Netherlands and as part of the One Minutes Anthology. With over 20 years of experience within the non-profit sector, Karin has worked as the Founder, Executive Director and Curator to several international film festivals. (see below) She is currently the Founder  & Executive Director of 75 SHOTS POCKET CINEMA,  a non-profit film production organization for marginalized lgbtq+filmmakers from the Global South. 




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