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How can you leverage clients to your business? The answer is simple – by creating original and engaging social media web videos made by an award winning film producer/director and creating unforgettable events. Wether you need partial or full production services, contact us  to discuss your project and receive a quote today!


b/w photo of  3 black people   holding up a smartphone during a Pocket Cinema class
Turn your smartphone into a creative tool. Smartphone filmmaking classes focusing on innovation, resourcefulness  and developing your own unique aesthetic. No previous experience needed

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Karin Hazé in action shooting with a smartphone capturing a graffiti which says:Hey Beautiful



Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist  or simply needing to raise funds for a cause. Cinema Feast  produces online videos to help you get the word out. We'll work together along with our team of professionals to accomplish your vision. With a network spanning throughout North America as well as Europe, we'll get you where you need to be. 

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The impetus for creating  Cinema Feast was to bridge Founder & Creative Director, Karin Hazé's passion for artistic films and music within her industry and community. We will help you make the right connections to broaden your audiences and increase your exposure, while you stay focused on your productions. Making the right connections is everything.

Previous works
Uniquely designed parties with quality entertainment and craft  services for our guest stars.
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Let's help  each other cross-promote.  If you are  raising funds for a project or cause, which is in line with our philanthropic philosophy,  we will offer matching gift rewards equal to the amount donated to your campaign. 
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Still image from Take me Coco by Karin Hazé of two Jamaican young brothers



Tailored programming specializing in diversity for distributors and  international film festivals. With  a great sense of dedication, integrity, engagement, creativity, imagination and passion, Cinema Feast unearths hidden gems. 

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