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Tell us about your next campaigns. Give an incentive to your donors to increase their financial contributions and let's help  each other cross-promote.  If you are  raising funds for a project or cause, which is in line with our philanthropic philosophy,  we will offer matching gift rewards equal to the amount donated to your campaign. Cinema Feast chooses right fit campaigns every month.  For more information. Contact us   here 

Pass the Hat- COVID-19 Fundraiser
Hurricane Irma - Barbuda
Hurricane Irma caused widespread, catastrophic damage to Barbuda - a 62 square mile island in the Caribbean with a population of about 1700 people. Cinema Feast is proud to offer free website design to the FIRST donor offering $500 or more to this campaign. Barbudans are now without even basic needs. Hurricane Irma destroyed 90% of the homes and left one person dead. All donations to this fund will exclusively support relief and recovery efforts.

Campaign Goal $10k
Evening Shadows by Sridhar Rangayan
A sensitive heartwarming story of a young gay man coming out to his conservative mother in rural India, and how she copes with this very difficult truth.
Award winning filmmaker, activist & Grand Marshall of Pride Montreal 2016, Sridhar Rangayan hopes to raise awareness & acceptance from parents of LGBTQ people with his latest film and parents’ support group in India. Cinema Feast is proud to offer FREE promo video or web design services to donors giving $500+ Campaign Goal: $20k
Queer Kampala Intl. Film Festival
Brought, Kamoga Hassan, Ugandan Queer activist, filmmaker and founder of the Only LGBTQ Film Festival in Africa, the Queer Kampala International Film Festival, to the largest social gathering of civil society to find solutions to the problems of our time, the World Social Forum Montreal 2016. Cinema Feast raised $2800 for transportation, accommodations and per diem for Festival Director of Queer Kampala International Film Festival.
Brown Girl in the Ring
Sharon Lewis' first Caribbean Canadian sci fi feature film inspired by Nalo Hopkinson's award winning novel. Cinema Feast is offering $500 matching gift discounts to donors who give equal amounts to the Brown Girl in the Ring-The Prequel Campaign. Goal: $30k exceeded @ $35k
Shannen's Dream
Shannen Koostachin Monument Campaign. Honouring the dream of a child-activist for Equity and Equal access to Education. Cinema Feast is offering $250 matching gift discounts to donors who give equal amounts.
Goal Achieved $12k, The monument was erected October 2015.
Receiving for the Sake of Sharing
Alternative healing for breast cancer campaign, fundraising event and silent auction, for my sister and friend, inter-disciplinary artist Mai Vuong.
Goal achieved $5k
Festival of Good Food Ideas
CINE TREATS. Fundraiser & inaugural event catered by the national food movement for Food Secure Canada.
Goal achieved: 53 community partners & raised over $15k
CINE TREATS for World Jazz musician, Robin Gorn's CD Launch
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