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Under the Radar, outdoor pop-up screenings are held in undisclosed public spaces. We reclaim public spaces (heritage, religious and governmental institutions, abandoned spaces, parks etc.) in order to showcase a series of queer short films of all genres made by filmmakers from the Global South and the Diaspora.


This unique initiative highlights the struggles and triumphs of a population historically suppressed, disenfranchised, and often overlooked by mainstream media. It is curated by 75 SHOTS Pocket Cinemas members living in oppressive regimes, who they themselves, face discrimination and persecution.


Filmmakers who are part of our platform will always own 100% rights to their videos. We literally bring Queer Cinema to the People! 


Our goal is to be a bridge between filmmakers and cinephiles, which leads to open dialogue, empathy, awareness and opportunities for long term impact. 

Screenings are free-of-charge and open to everyone. Donations go to our sister organization, 75 SHOTS POCKET CINEMA

The next Under the Radar will be held in the Summer of 2023 in Canada. Dates TBD  


Join our community it's FREE:

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