Queer Cinema by Under-Represented People of Colour from Around the World 

Under the Radar is a unique initiative highlighting the struggles and triumphs of a population historically suppressed, disenfranchised, and often overlooked by mainstream media. A series of queer short films of all genres made by 2SLGBTQ+ filmmakers from the Global South will pop up after dark in a myriad of public places where you least expect it throughout the Summer in Montreal on any given day. Filmmakers will be in attendance both virtually and in person. We are aiming to create safe communities and respectful relationships through awareness events like this one. People of all walks of life are taking back their voices by speaking out against oppression and the right to freedom. For marginalized queer populations living in oppressive regimes, the ability to virtually connect and securely communicate is like a lifeline. For safety reasons, we will announce the undisclosed outdoor venue, the day of the event. Be sure to subscribe  to our newsletter to be the first to find out the time and location. Screenings are free-of-charge and open to everyone. Donations  go to our sister organization, 75 SHOTS POCKET CINEMA

Under the Radar est une initiative unique mettant en premier plan les luttes et les triomphes d'une population historiquement réprimée, privée de ses droits et souvent ignorée par les médias grand public. Une série de courts métrages queer de tous genres réalisés par des cinéastes 2SLGBTQ+ du Sud apparaîtront à la belle étoile tout au long de l'été à Montréal,  dans des lieux publics inattendus . Les cinéastes seront présents virtuellement et en personne. Nous visons à créer des communautés sécuritaires et des relations respectueuses grâce à des événements de sensibilisation comme celui-ci. Des gens de tous horizons reprennent leur voix en s'exprimant contre l'oppression et le droit à la liberté. Pour les populations queer marginalisées vivant dans des régimes oppressifs, la capacité de se connecter virtuellement et de communiquer en toute sécurité est comme une bouée de sauvetage. Pour des raisons de sécurité, nous dévoilerons le lieu  des projections Pop-Up, à la dernière minute. Assurez-vous de vous inscrire à notre newsletter pour être le premier à connaître l'heure et le lieu de la présentation. Les projections sont gratuites et ouvertes à tous. Les dons vont à notre organisation sœur, 75 SHOTS POCKET CINEMA.


Au plaisir de vous retrouver parmi nous.

Photo credit: Wacyl Kha  75 SHOTS Queer Cinema from the Global South

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Marginalized queer voices from the Global South and the Diaspora representing 20 different countries. Be the first to discover Premieres made by 75 SHOTS Pocket Cinema members 

Octavia's vision

dir: Zara Zandieh

Germany, Fiction  17min, 2021


OCTAVIA’S VISIONS is inspired by the Parables of the African-American futurist author Octavia E. Butler, who died in 2006. Using poetic visual language, OCTAVIA’S VISIONS interweaves Butler’s worlds with contemporary issues of environmental degradation, far right extremism, and social liberation. The poetic piece expresses a queer utopian imaginary, a longing to create out of the old something new.

Sheer Qorma

dir: Faraz Arif Ansari

India,  Fiction 30min, 2021

English subtitles

Sheer Qorma is a story of belonging and acceptance, identity and family, and how it comes together under one roof, as resilient, queer Muslim women and non-binary characters of colour, choose to embrace love that exists beyond their personal beliefs and social moralities.


CFC is non-exclusive. Accessibility is the biggest issue for LGBTQ+ people living in oppressive regimes.  Get immediate exposure with a captive audience by adding your film to our collection.