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The duality of 'God'

"Every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen" Amy Winehouse.

Are you familiar with a saying that goes, "When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade"? That's the spirit I am riding on today. I remember in my previous post I spoke about you being the source of change before impacting the next person and community at large. However, having started doing something does not mean that the journey will be smooth. Why though! Well, such is life. I guess that's the best answer I can think of lol.

The beauty of life lies mostly on how we are continuously work in progress. How we keep getting hurt and broken so we can try to mend and learn, even though some fractures aren't meant to be fixed. What usually makes situations lighter is the appreciation of the hard part and the efforts applied, that's how we learn. When we allow ourselves to be available, present and flexible we pick a thing or two that gets us through. Christians believe that God does not give one a situation that they cannot handle and I think that's true and quiet useful a statement that helps people to believe in themselves and their capabilities to pull through, because that way we don't give up. We don't give up on those that rely on us, we don't give up on the cause and most importantly we don't give up on ourselves.

Every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen. When I am bored sometimes, I watch reels on Instagram of people transforming broken things into beautiful and useful items. For instance a broken cup turned into a unique flower pot or a bad tire to never be used again into a coffee table. Our situations are sometimes very transformative in their hard and painful ways as they usually do not leave us the same as yesterday. I guess it's really up to us what we choose to do because while one takes the lemon for lemonade one might forever be angry as to why they were given lemons when they had requested oranges, throw away the lemons and abandon all the citrus because of one bad experience. All the same life goes on.

We are all spiritual beings and maybe sometimes we just need to connect well. Maybe we need to appreciate our struggles and acknowledge the pain, go through it and absorb and maybe we can get our answers in there...

Maybe then can we get rid of our fear of change and gain wisdom as we evolve into better people for the generations to come. My best friend once said that most of the times as people when we struggle so much, it only makes sense to blame someone. In most cases we blame the 'devil' and not in so many cases have we tried to accept the duality of God. And maybe if you don't believe in a god, just the existence of good and evil.

Our struggles might just be as essential in balancing the cosmos........

Photo credit: Thanyel Russell

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