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1. Angel Maxine is a Trans woman that really inspires me due to her residence and courage in an era where homophobic attacks are aploded... yet in all She still stays true to herself and not give a rat ass about anyone and even tries to fight for the right of others plus she's got some dope energy."

2. "I watched a queer series today titled 'Glamorous'. I got inspired as a gender queer person, to not be afraid to live my authentic self. I do not need approval or validation from anyone. I just have to be true to myself and be me."

3. "I was moving about my day and i got inspired and motivated with the fact I am in my purpose, i got a sense of clarity from no specific thing but i guess the universe talking to me."

Africa Brook once said that, life can be so much easier if you started living as though you were already cancelled. Many at times we worry so much about what people will say, how they will react that we fail to live our authentic lives and be truly us. We have been raised in a world that cares so much about the opinions of other people, which isn't a bad thing to take into consideration, but at what expense. Of what good is my neighbor's opinion if its taxing on my freedom, a greater deal of my being. If it's hindering my life purpose?

People find purpose in different things and it's unique for everyone. Some find theirs in their responsibilities, religion and/or spirituality. It can however change during the course of life due to shifts and evolution of responsibilities.

Goals, aims at the core of your life. The reason(s) why you want to get up and thrive every morning, what keeps you going! Otherwise what is life without purpose?

Authenticity, positive energy and courage in the air! I love love this for the team that I have been blessed to work with. What can can life throw at a person geared with such that they can't handle?

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Our authenticity is our power!

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