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shadow of two women holding hands walking

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A person  standing in a relic of an old stone building covered with a rainbow flag over their heads

Under-represented indie Queer Cinema by, for and about People of Colour 

A bald headed African man standing  back to the camera casting his shadow. Photo in b/w and photo credit Carl Collison

 Yearly subscriptions FULLY subsidize the purchase of one month subscription for persons in-need + 100% of the proceeds go towards mentoring

b/w image of a black person screaming  projected on a Hindu  Temple. Still image : Lee Rose


CFC promo.001.tiff
75CFC african screen.jpeg

The Cinema Feast Collection is a non commercial streaming video platform showcasing high quality selection of under-represented indie Queer Cinema from the Global South & the Diaspora.100% of the proceeds go towards 75 SHOTS POCKET CINEMA, a non-profit production house for LGBTQ+ filmmakers living in oppressive regimes. Unlock a treasure trove of hidden gems of all genres, help protect freedom of expression and join a global community of people who care about the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide.

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