Films made by LGBTQ+ People of Colour from around the World

Curator: Karin Hazé

This  Virtual Screening Room aims to inspire the budding LGBTQ+ filmmakers living in homophobic countries, where their love & sexuality is a crime. A few of the films are productions made by 75 SHOTS participants. This platform is a place for you to learn about  history and culture from a rainbow kaleidoscope point-of-view. Too often, mainstream media tends to focus on American & European  productions. We have unearthed some hidden gems for your pleasure. Our diverse selection of genres of international short & feature length films are from: Cape Verde,  Pakistan,  Nepal, Jamaica , Burkina Faso,  Myanmar, India, France, US & Canada.


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dir: Hammad Rizvi

cast: Kami Sid

Pakistan, Fiction, 14 min, 2019



Tchindas (trailer)

dir:  Marc Serena & Pablo García

Spain/Cape Verde, Documentary. 81 min, 2015. 

Cape Verdean Creole (English subtitles)


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Sous le Baobab

dir:  Julia Sternthal & Pauline Nadoulek

cast: Francky Belany

Burkina Faso, Fiction,13min, 2019





dir: Karin Hazé

Canada/Jamaica/France, Experimental, 1 min,2000

 No dialogue




Stand in Still

dir: Lee Rose

Jamaica, Experimental, 7min, 2019





dir: Subarna Thapa

Nepal,  Fiction, 85 min, 2012. 

Nepali (English subtitles)



Dear Mom

dir  Yu Malar Myint

Myanmar, Fiction, 7min, 2016

(Burmese English  Subtitles)



The Queen

dir  Frank Simons

USA, Documentary, 65min, 1968




Qalam Queer

dir  Phoenix Inana

Canada, Experimental, 13min, 2020

English & Arabic


Qalam Queer was part of Aaron Pollard's  

Studio 303 - Queer Body Politic Program



Loev (trailer)

dir  Sudhanshu Saria

India, Fiction, 92min, 2016

English & Hindi

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We Came to Sweat -

The Legend of Starlite (trailer)

dir  Kate Kunath & Sasha Wortzel

USA, Documentary, 74min, 2014


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Negrum3 (trailer)

dir:  Diego Paulino

Brazil, Experimental, 22min, 2018. 

Portuguese (English subtitles)


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