These tasty nutrional vegan & vegetarian sandwiches are made with local  & organic ingredients on artisinal breads. The flavours and aromas will make you travel to  Asia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and back to Montreal.


Le Quing (Vegan)


Masala Tofu

Crispy Slaw

Asian Aioli spread


La Mama (Vegan)


Végé Paté

Leafy Greens

Chicpea, tahini, miso spread


Le Kapi (vegetarian)


Goat cheese


Leafy Greens





Le Bed-in (Gluten Free)


Quinoa, millet, buckwheat pancake

Tofu veggie nuts ras masala mix

Ras Masala - Veg Sandwich

  • Végé Sandwiches made with scrumptious, nutritious, organic and local ingredients.

    ** Part of the proceeds go to Union Urbaine a non-profit  artistic, cultural and social innovation organization in Rosemont for the advancement of women workers.

  • Our delivery service is done by foot, bicycle or electric car. Orders must be made 45 min. in advance at delivery is $3.99 for orders under $20. Orders $20+ is FREE.

    Payment: cash, e-transfer or paypal