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Main services offered?

Our services include training, production, programming and catering services:

  • Boutique Productions are independent  video productions , which vary in length and budgets.

  • Liaison Deluxe are production and marketing consulting services for filmmakers.

  • Cine Treats are catering services for social events .

  • Hidden Gems are curated screenings and programs for film festivals

  • Pocket Cinema are smartphone filmmaking workshops
  • Courtesy of Cinema Feast is a philanthropy cross-marketing service





How much does a typical promo video cost?


It starts at $299 for a HD quality video, when you provide all the content outlined in the 4 easy steps .  More complex videos, which require filming, graphic design,  after effects, animation, script writing, translation, voice-overs,  archival footage and copyright free music research etc. additional costs are required on a case by case basis. Promo videos are generally 30 sec - 3 min. For more details and a quote click here.


How long does it usually take to finish a project?


It depends on the length and complexity of the project. One minute online video projects take  approximately 1 week once the 4 easy steps are completed. A project outline and target timeline is developed with each client.


How many revisions do I get?


You get 2 rounds of revisions. The first revision happens after the first editing assemblage, where you can add or remove scenes. The second revision happens just before the final cut of your video  and just before the video is uploaded and returned to you.  An outline is developed between you and Cinema Feast, at the very beginning of the project, which needs to be respected. Reasonable changes are allowed, however re-structuring the project will result in renegociation of the service agreement.



What type of videos can I get?
Cinema Feast has a diverse range of styles, talents and production methods.  Your video will be produced by an award winning director with a professional crew. The type of videos can be a trailer for your film or event,  a music video to promote your band, explainer videos to demonstrate how your product or services works, a fundraiser video for your campaigns, a demo reel for your portfolio, a web commercial to promote your brand, a corporate video to introduce your company, a tutorial or how-it-works video to educate your users, a customer testimonial video, a web commercial to promote your brand, a corporate video to introduce your company, a tutorial or how-it-works video to educate your users or  a customer testimonial video. You can also choose the style of video production you want, such as animation, live video, whiteboard, stop motion, direct-to-camera and more. For some examples of what’s possible, make sure to visit our client page for samples.



What steps are involved in creating a video?


Most videos follow a simple 6 step process, which includes  writing, shooting, editing, narrating, mixing soundtrack and outputting. The process is integrated into your project management workflow as a checklist. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback for each stage of the process, along with your final approval.


What kind of  screenings can I expect?


Original. Karin Hazé has been programming for international film festivals for over 25 years . She has the reputation of creating innovative  and memorable programming, like the pop-up screening of  Fury for the Sound: The Women of Clayoqot , a documentary on the women gathered to protest the clear cutting of the local rainforest, and 15 years later found themselves immersed in the largest civil disobedience action in Canadian history. The screening was held in the heart of the pristine rainforest  archipelago of Haida Gwaii. Audience in attendance reached the outdoor screening  by boat or plane.


What do you offer as catering services?


For all types of special events, including Premieres, fundraisers, workshops etc. We offer pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan meals, snacks and TASTE THIS! a pop-up health juice bar with a kick. Influenced by Arabian and Tropical flavours. All ingredients are local, organic or part of Clean 15 produce at affordable rates. For more details and a quote click here.

Do you design websites and manage social media sites?


Yes. Websites are in-house projects, which can be reproduced for our clients. CEO & Creative Director, Karin Hazé, is a graduate of Parson's University in NYC in multimedia computer graphics. Social media management services are also offered to  drive more traffic to your business. For more details and a quote click here.


What are the payment and contract terms?


You are required to pay 50% of the project total up-front. Payment can be made by paypal, cheque or e-transfers in CDN currency. The remaining 50% is due when you approve the final video. Once paid, the video is released for download. You can review the agreement here


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