75 SHOTS was conceived by film poet, Karin Hazé.  On  April 26, 2016, in the Chambers of the Supreme Court of Jamaica,  she  bared witness to submissions given against the anti-sodomy archaic law of 1861 being rejected by the judge. She immediately took action and demonstrated at Emancipation Parc in downtown Kingston, where she protested  for  LGBTQ+ rights. 


She uses her activism to teach courageous participants basic filmmaking skills free-of-charge.  Her unique program is designed for LGBTQ+ people living in 1/3  of the countries  in the World, where it’s still illegal to be gay. 


One shot at a time, successful participants will  develop  their imagination, creativity,  self-esteem and employability skills as they receive  theoretic & hands-on smartphone filmmaking training.


75 SHOTS is currently offering  free-of-charge online smartphone film training to motivated candidates. No experience required. Your safety and education come first. 

 Be assured, that only with full written or audio visual consent will your name or the actors names and identities appear publicly. Anonymity  is to each participants discretion.


Send us an email  with a selfie video telling us about yourself and your ambitions  and  fill out the application form below