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A b/w image of an outdoor film screening in Africa . Families gather around a self standing inflatable giant screen. Kids are running  around. You can feel the excitement! On the screen is the signature image of 75 SHOTS POCKET CINEMA. The main subject is a non binary black person's head and shoulder in b/w. Their haircut is short and shaved on the side. It is a cartoon illustration. There is a hand holding a smartphone in front of the subject in landscape mode. The hand is in the same b/w colour as the subject with silver undertones. The frame of the phone is golden colour. The screen of the phone is cracked  and ressembles a damaged windshield that has been broken by a fallen rock/pebble from a truck on the highway. The colour image on the screen of the phone, focuses on the naked eyes cheekbone and pierced nose.  It’s in the radiant colour of the rainbow The mouth is in b/w as it is outside the frame of the smartphone. Illustration by Wacyl Kha 75 SHOTS  founding
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